The ART of irresistible creating sales offers

Learn this valuable acronym to build hard-to-pass-up deals that your customers must have.

When building marketing campaigns, one of the hardest tasks is creating tempting offers. Make the wrong offer and it can erode your brand’s value. Create the right offer and people will start lining up.

After running a business and helping clients with theirs, a pattern started emerging on how to create offers quickly and I want to give it to you.

To put things into prospective, I work at Lakeside Marketing. We help transform disorganized teams into selling machines by working with management to create amazing campaigns. Campaigns bring product training, task management, customer communication, and creative arts together.

Part of creating a transformative campaign is having a solid offer. Offers are the “deal” you are educating your customer about. Sales offers are pivotal to your marketing efforts because they create action. Let’s dig in…

What’s Your Offer?

  1. Savings (Save 10%, buy a case and get 3 free, BOGO, deal club)
  2. Freshness (seasonally available)
  3. New and timely information (current events, new products, research, or clinical findings)
  4. Educational (training, support, recipes, free guides)
  5. Convenience (free shipping, “pop-up” shops)
  6. Emotional (positive affirmations, negative consequences)

Use the acronym ART when thinking about your offers:

A: Automate

Try to automate communication and simplify the customer’s journey, making it really easy to take advantage of the offer.

R: Return (on investment)

Have a positive short-term (1–2 months) return on investment for the organization while looking at how to improve total long-term sales goals through follow-up offers.

T: Time-Sensitive

Offers can expire at the end of the campaign. This creates scarcity and a reason for your customer to act.

Asking yourself, “why would my customer give a damn about my offer?” is probably a good litmus test to whether your offer is good or bad.

Let continuous learning be your guide.

Creating compelling offers takes time. You are not going to be a master from the beginning. This is because you must create a trusting relationship with your audience. This is done through the authentic stories you are telling through your campaigns.

We like to run different tests to see how the audience reacts to different subject lines and inbox preview text. This can really help hone your message. This is called A/B testing and there are plenty of tools to help test everything from emails to landing pages to Facebook and Instagram ads.

We also like to do regular meetings with the teams that we work with. This way we can get input and change direction on the fly based on conversations with sales, customers, and management. Do regular meetings! Promise, that you will need them to sort out any issues….

The ‘why’ of your offer

Asking yourself, “why would my customer give a damn about my offer?” is probably a good litmus test to whether your offer is good or bad. Asking why forces us to question our motives and behaviors surrounding the campaign we are working on. We hope that you become ARTists at crafting your next offer!

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