Token Economy. The change is here

Part A.

George Karamanolis, Co-Founder & CTO/CIO, Crowdpolicy

Technology has radically changed many traditional sectors

Examples: the platform tripadvisor for holiday and tourism, Alibaba, ebay and amazon for trade, itunes for music, netflix for entertainment, Facebook for all the previous and the content production model, #fintech and #insurtech for financial and insurance services respectively, and crowdfunding as a process and methodology of fundraising.

We are also witnessing another transformation. The democratization of goods and participation are more dominant, stakeholders are engaged most of the times with fewer or no intermediaries at all in service transactions.

“Internet of Value” and traditional goods

The natural (and digital) world is characterized by transactions in goods and services. The goods are either tangible or intangible.

Let’s look at some examples of goods: light, water, services, shares, real estate, works of art, music, etc. Many of these transactions are based on contracts, money transfer through conventional channels, and complex agreements.

Most of these goods cannot be divided into smaller segments, be liquidated, provide profits and benefits to their owners and they are difficult to transfer. There are simpler goods (e.g. music, supermarket reward points, vouchers) that lose their value or do not give potential to the relationship of consumers with the organizations that produce those goods.

What led to the new change

Blockchain technology became widely known through the use of bitcoin. It can be described as a “book” to which anyone or a specific group of users has access in order to “read and write”. It can also be described as an accounting record (general ledger) in which every transaction is recorded, e.g. purchase, sale or transfer. For example, all the records related to the transactions are presented in the transactions of crypto-currencies. Depending on the use scenario, there are several types of blockchain and decentralized ‘Ledgers’ (DLTs) technologies: a) Open blockchain which allows everyone, according to their contribution, to read and write in this book, b) Enterprise blockchain or DLTs (Distribuled Ledger Technologies). These technologies can be used by organizations to simplify and support processes such as monitoring the supply chain from the beginning of the manufacture of a product and raw materials, and c) Hybrid: some of their parts are available, some are not.

The new asset management model is affected by blockchain / DLT technologies in market segments that do not necessarily relate to banking environments.

We have two main cases:

1. Crypto / alternative currencies based on blockchain technologies

2. The use of blockchain technology in a number of cases in sectors of the Economy as infrastructure

A key component of blockchain technology is tokens.

The token as the structural component of a trillion euro digital economy market

The token can be described as a digital asset. It is a key that uniquely certifies that the person who owns it is also the owner of a value. Tokens can be supported / assigned to tangible assets that can be used by their owners or consumed against a service product or platform. They can be used as internal units for the purchase of goods / services within a system. A token can be represented in all of the above blockchain types and can be used / available through a suitable market place.

Participation in such a process involves the purchase of tokens using a fiat currency (e.g. euro) or a compatible cryptocurrency (e.g. bitcoin, ethereum). It may be a unit of value that corresponds to a tangible asset. Tokens are available on a distributed blockchain base in order to enable transparency, transaction authentication and monitoring by the community of users or any interested party. To achieve all this, standards are followed, where applicable, to provide exchangeability or interoperability characteristics. The most common technical standard is ERC 20 of the platform ethereum.

For example, a token may represent a digital currency, square meters of a property, 1% of an expensive painting, etc. The application of tokens to economy sectors expands the ability of financing and supporting assets that are not marketable and their owners. It also provides flexibility to acquiring them, since an investor or supporter can buy a small fraction of the asset and then exchange it.

You can also read:

  • Tokens — a gentle intoduction
  • Vitalik Buterin on Public and private blockchains

An asset that turns into…token(s)

The conversion of a digital asset into a token is said to resemble the classic process and the rationale of issuing securities with a technological differentiation of the process.

However, the differences are significant (Technological escalation due to the nature of the technology, massive participation and transactions, etc.).

The following examples of tangible or intangible assets could be represented as tokens:

  • Using tokens can run a decentralized p2p crowdfunding ICO (Initial coin offering) process. Read more on investopedia and wikipedia
  • Use as an alternative — digital currency for domestic — extended transaction networks (e.g., suppliers, customers etc.)
  • Points — loyalty — vouchers — tickets
  • Every transaction — service contract
  • Shares (a share or a fraction of a share)
  • Square meters of a property
  • Property share in a photovoltaic park
  • Patents, Intellectual Property
  • Transfer of ownership or rights
  • 10% of an expensive collection of works of art
  • Daily or hourly use of a car
  • Software — discount vouchers
  • API keys for access to platforms by developers and development of value-added services.

Value for organizations

There are plenty of reasons why the use of tokens can transform traditional sectors of economy:

  • Powerful brands have the potential to REALLY get consumers involved and enhance business processes by receiving funding
  • Start ups or established companies can fund the implementation of a business plan related to its performance
  • Conversion of traditional assets into liquid, exchangeable and tradable assets.
  • Transparency in transactions — accountability
  • Minimising bureaucracy

We are gradually moving from mediation platforms and centralized marketplaces to decentralized value exchange networks based on digital representations of real-world assets and the use of digital representations in the form of tokens and blockchain technology.

All of this is interesting in many ways..

  • Big vendors are engaged in technology and provide enterprise solutions and platforms for the development of services based on blockchain (e.g. IMB — Microsoft).
  • There are a few examples in public sector, e.g. Ukraine and the auctions and
  • Well-known platforms utilize blockchain technology
  • Cryptocurrencies (see Coinmarket Cap)
  • Quorum, JP Morgan open source blockchain based on ethereum


All of the above, as well as the transition to the “economy of tokens”, result in institutional, legal, operational and technological challenges as well as questions regarding the correct use of tokens and their owners’ awareness.

It requires the use of appropriate infrastructure and combined know-how (legal, economic and certainly technological..).

We are open to such cooperation and we implement related platforms and initiatives:

  • We believe in the dissemination of blockchain / DLTs technology and the added value it will have for public and private sector bodies and organizations. It is the subject of all innovation actions Briefly, through the process of crowdhackathon we have encouraged the development of applications based on blockchain technologies, e.g. insurance and contracts, smart cities and charge for water consumption.
  • We have provided mentoring support to startups wishing to enter this field by providing value-added services.
  • We implement block chain based services as part of the digital transformation strategy for large organizations.

.. There is more to be announced shortly!

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Alert! Fake Nebulas Websites!

Platform Dev Update 12/19

In the past two weeks, we have been working on requesting and receiving data from the backend to simulate requesting and receiving over MessageBus. We have also been working on bug fixing and optimization of handling data transfers between the backend, the platform and the and local database. On the iOS side, we are working on the UI to apply the new designs to the platform, as well as getting chat screens ready and preparing stock screens to consume data.

On the digital marketing side, we are working on our launch website and entire rollout plan, so stay tuned and follow our page for more updates on what is to come from ChatQ.

この2週間に渡り、私達はバックエンドからデータの要求と受信をする作業に取り組んでいます。これはメッセージバス経由でのデータの要求と受信をシュミレーションするための作業です。また、バグの修正とデータの移行をローカルデータベース、プラットフォーム バックエンド間で最適化するための取り組みも行っています。iOSにつきましては、UIに新しいデザインをプラットフォームへ適応させる作業を行っています。それと同時にチャット画面の用意とデータを消費するためのストック画面の準備も行っています。


Press Release: Highest Transaction Volume on Ethereum Network is VIU Token, Powering Viuly’s Blockchain Based Video Platform

The Viuly team is pleased to announce that the VIU token is now ranked number 1 of the top 50 tokens by transaction count on the Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain video platform Viuly will also connect its blockchain video sharing platform to the Ethereum Mainnet on December 18th.

December 19, 2017 Talinn, Estonia — Blockchain video platform Viuly is pleased to announce it will be connecting to the Ethereum Mainnet on December 18th.

Adoption of the VIU token is also taking even the core team by surprise, as according to Ethplorer, the VIU token is now ranked number 1 of the top 50 tokens by transaction count on the Ethereum blockchain.

On December 18th the video platform will now be live: advertisers can now deposit VIU and pay for ads, and users can now withdraw the VIU they earn from watching videos, direct to their Ethereum wallets.

This development follows the successful completion of an airdrop campaign that saw the free distribution of 458 million VIU tokens to about 900,000 unique Ethereum users, essentially creating almost a million potential new users able to transact on the Viuly platform.

The alpha version of the platform has been live for weeks, and is now receiving over 40,000 unique visitors daily, recording 100,000 registered users.

Trade VIU with BTC and ETH on Bit-Z and EtherDelta: and

Advertisers are welcome to promote their videos, pre-roll video ads and banner ads on the Viuly platform using VIU tokens available for purchase on these exchanges. To promote this early opportunity, Viuly is now offering new advertisers a 100% bonus on any amount of tokens spent on advertising packages.

VIU tokens were airdropped to over 900,000 ETH wallets on November 5th

Everyone who had some ETH in their Ethereum wallets when the snapshot was taken on November 5th can view their tokens in their wallet by using the following settings to add a custom token:

Address: 0x519475b31653E46D20cD09F9FdcF3B12BDAcB4f5

Name: VIU

Decimals: 18

The Viuly referral program To further encourage growth and adoption of the Viuly platform, all users can now benefit from a 3-tier referral program to be introduced on December 20th. Under this incentive model, users will earn VIU tokens when people register on Viuly as their referral, three levels deep:

1st Level: 10 VIU
2nd Level: 7 VIU
3rd Level: 5 VIU

Additionally, users will also earn a percentage of all referral earnings on the platform according to the following rate:

1st Level: 5%
2nd Level: 2%
3rd Level: 1%

About Viuly Viuly’s mission is to disrupt the multi-billion dollar industry of online video sharing with its blockchain-based solution. Through decentralization and transparency, it aims to create a fair and open video network operating on an equitable model of revenue sharing.
VIU tokens are the native currency powering the Viuly video platform. They are used to transfer value between advertisers, content creators and users.
Viuly will be a full-fledged platform for users and content creators to share and watch videos, while immediately earning rewards for their interactions. This revolutionary ecosystem will enable a fair, unrestricted environment to share, watch, and upload any content.
Viuly’s revolutionary blockchain solution has already led to a firm backing of EUR 150,000 from blockchain investing firm Krypton Capital. Together with Krypton Capital’s “smart money” philosophy, Viuly aims to establish strong ecosystems of related companies to grow values and revenues together.

Learn more on Viuly’s website:
Trade VIU tokens with BTC at:
Trade VIU tokens with ETH at:
Check out the Viuly Alpha video platform at:
Trade VIU with BTC at:
Trade VIU with ETH at:
Read the Viuly Whitepaper:
Chat with Viuly on Telegram:
Follow Viuly on Twitter:
Join Viuly on bitcointalk:
Catch up with Viuly on Medium:

Media Contact:
Contact Name: Ruslan Popa

Location: Tallin, Estonia

Curation Markets Update: 02 October 2017

Curation Markets is an experiment in

  1. using tokenized signals to curate information &
  2. exploring ways to mint/spawn these tokenized, curatorial markets (eg continuous token models).

Curation Markets is a broad concept that will ultimately allow more groups to coordinate globally around shared goals.

Introducing Curation Markets: Trade Popularity of Memes & Information (with code)!

Curation Markets is a model that allows groups to more effectively coordinate & earn from value they co-create around…

Many of you want to help, and I’m incredibly thankful for that! Curation Markets *is* about enabling many more communities to work together and earn from the value they co-create. I will thus be doing an update every 4 weeks on what’s happening, what’s transpiring, and what’s next!


Hey all. I’ve been traveling (holiday and work), so haven’t spent much time on the Curation Markets front. There are some updates though.

District0x Abundance!

Firstly: exciting news. 13 Proposals from the District0x community are exploring implementing Curation Markets designs.

Super exciting as the designs are getting battle tested in new and interesting ways. Speaking of battles, what about an interactive, story-driven, collectible marketplace of wrestlers that use curation markets?

This comment from Brady McKenna (community manager at District0x) really made my day. Happy to hear others see the same implications and I’m not *that* crazy.

It’s great to see Brady still around in the crypto community. We first met when I started The Cypherfunks back in 2014. We’re both still barreling forward with music and cryptos! 👊

Immutable Summit

During my travels in Hong Kong, I got to present Curation Markets at Kenetic Capital’s Immutable Summit. It was great to share the ideas, including the new variant I’ve been working on that more directly rewards curators.

I unfortunately couldn’t attend most of the summit since I got a struck with flu, but luckily could muster energy to present and catch up with folk!

Thanks to Philip McMaster for the photo on the right!

Thanks to Jehan and Kenetic Capital for having me. You can find the slides for my talk here:

I worked on the new variant more since this talk on the flights back home, so will share that soon too. It keeps the pool, but also rewards curators more directly. Best of both (I hope).

Old Whitepaper + New Whitepaper

The current whitepaper is a bit of a mess. Lots of comments, suggestions and edits. I have to comb through it still.

Given all the amazing feedback and iteration in the past few months, I’ve started work on a new whitepaper. It will be broader, more detailed and encompass variations and implementations of Curation Markets. I’ll be opening up for edits/comments/suggestions early on.

<Secret Project>

There’s a pretty awesome, announced project from a good friend who is going to use variants of Curation Markets for their protocol. Excited to share soon when the protocol is more public.

Ethereum Devcon 3?

I’m uncertain whether I’ll be going to devcon this year. I have a ticket, but not sure if it’s worth it to trek 30 hours there and 30 hours back to Cape Town, for 4 days (and a costly trip). I like the idea of spending this time rather to actually work on Curation Markets itself.

I do have a bit of of fomo though, so might still go at the last minute. Last year, talking to Maciej and Meher on the rooftops in Shanghai is what sparked a lot of the ideas that came together to this.

I’ll see. Although I love speaking and sharing ideas, I’m kinda burned out on conferences as well, so want to get more to introspective/coding/designing/hermit mode. Less talking, more building. 😉

So, unfortunately, not sure if I’ll be able to meet up with all you folk.

Autonomous Artist Bounty

This has been put on hold whilst I finish up the whitepaper. I’ll likely patch up the post to share the ideas, before moving ahead to a bounty.


We’re slowly but surely moving ahead. I’m particularly excited to hopefully see some of the code written, tested and tried in the next few months!

As always, come say hi in the Gitter!


The use of Cures Tokens

Cures created a platform for blockchain technology to contribute more to its users, especially in terms of trade and health. By combining these two things, Cures seeks to create a digital scope where each group can receive benefits. As a platform that supports the public health side, Cures not only empowers patients, but also provides access to health providers, health practitioners, and even health equipment suppliers to be able to jointly feel the benefits offered by this platform. Patients can receive many benefits in this platform network. In addition to facilitating connections between patients and health providers, patients can also obtain medical recordings in electronic form and can be accessed through this platform. Cures strives maximally to provide the best service to every user so that health services are evenly distributed on all sides. This platform is also very easy to access for patients and other users where this platform ensures that each user does not need to pay more for their medical needs. Patients who already have medical records can store it themselves or can be traded if this is deemed necessary to support health research activities. In addition, patients can make payments using Cures tokens which can also be used for other transactions on this platform.

The existing health facilities are sufficient to meet the standards, both on a national and international scale. In developed countries, the quality of health services has undergone rapid development and is equipped with sophisticated equipment to support health services. this can be of particular concern for some in different countries to travel long distances to obtain high quality health facilities. In this case, the Cures platform also helps users to be able to connect directly with health providers in other countries by making simple contacts through their networks. Patients can directly meet them after the request is confirmed and approved. Another case commonly encountered by people traveling abroad is about currency exchange. Cures helps users to be able to make currency exchange transactions in their applications so that users no longer need to exchange money conventionally at a bank or money exchange. This facility is certainly very easy for users and certainly minimizes the expenditure of excessive costs.

For doctors and other health practitioners, Cures platform provides facilities in the form of a system that can increase the value and trust of the community towards their services. This is achieved through reviews that will be given by the patients they serve after the process ends. This review can help them get more patients to deal with where on the other hand they can also determine the treatment schedule for each patient. this will further enhance their performance in providing the best health services. This platform can also facilitate producers and distributors of health equipment to promote their products so that this is expected to increase their profits and support effective market activities.

Behind it all, each user can get greater benefits through transactions using digital currencies. each user can obtain Cures tokens through the activities of the ITO (Initial Token Offering) where Cures has prepared 175 million CURES tokens. This huge amount can certainly provide an opportunity for every circle to obtain this Cures token. This token has a use for each holder. This token can be used by patients in the payment transaction process after receiving health services. This transfer can be done easily, quickly, and without the need for large additional costs. in addition, users can also use this token for exchange transactions with other digital currencies. For security issues, users do not need to worry because the Token technology system is supported by blockchain technology so that this guarantees transaction security for each user. Each transaction data will be stored in a blockchain system safely where this data is permanent. This will prevent users from the risk of counterfeiting or other possible crime.

Platform Cures is committed to providing the best service and as much as possible to every user in order to obtain proper health services and simultaneously to change the conventional health service system to be more modern and foremost in all aspects.

Thank you for reading my article.



This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through bounty0x.

Bounty0x Username — puss

The need for REAL

A couple of years ago I discovered a new type of online business, Real Estate Crowdfunding.

I became instantly attracted to the idea of investing in a fraction of Real Estate and earning the proportional income from its rentals or value appreciation, so I invested some of my money into three properties. I am now receiving some money every month from the rental income, and when the properties sell in a year or two, I will also earn the profits from the value appreciation.

A couple of years later, although it is still a new sector, online crowdfunding platforms have proliferated in many parts of the world, and there are now more than 100 crowdfunding sites operating online.

Having been a client of Real Estate crowdfunding site myself, I became aware of the different problems I experienced within the existing platforms.


Portals are very localized and only target local customers and properties, leaving behind the vast international market. Overseas buyers are now the biggest investors in many real estate markets. Also, local investors want like to invest in overseas properties.


A couple of months ago I wanted to make my investments in the platform liquid. I could not. As in typical Real Estate investments, I have to wait until properties are sold to get my money and profits back.


Dealing with wire transfers and banks when participating in the investment is burdensome. These companies also are set up in an old fashion way to provide more trust, but everything ends up being unnecessarily complicated.


I could see how many users were very suspicious in the sites forums and very preoccupied with the site activities. Some sites decide to audit their activities but that does not seem to be enough.

As experienced Online and Real Estate entrepreneurs we immediately recognized the opportunity of solving those issues by applying Blockchain technology.

We sat together with Blockchain experts in Barcelona and developed and tested a solution on a small scale.

Thanks to Cryptocurrency and Smart contracts, we can address all these matters and provide a :


We are building a Crowdfunding site where anyone from any part of the world will be able to receive the profits from a flat in Barcelona, a Hotel in Mallorca, a penthouse in New York or a commercial space in Berlin.


Thanks to the tokenization of properties and the ease of token transfers, we will enable a secondary market section and allow anyone to sell their investment to other users in the platform without waiting for the property to sell.


Everything will be done from an easy and simple Web and APP without the need of signing documents, notaries or bank transfers.


Every step of our activity, from property buying with third party value appraisals, to adding into the system, renting and selling, will be recorded on the Blockchain so everyone will be able to audit and verify the information. We will also hire a first tier audit firm to provide extra transparency.

Our homepage draft:

Our investments draft:

Our panel draft:

We want to disrupt the disruptors (the existing real estate crowdfunding platforms) and become a world leading real estate investment platform. We believe the context and timing is right and that we will achieve it.

We are now running a Token Sale during end of August to raise funds that will help us execute our ambitious plan. Please submit your email on our website and we will send you instructions to participate.

I invite you to join us on this fascinating journey.

Enrique Dubois
CEO & Co-Founder

Introducing Token Filings, a Transparency Directory for ICOs and Token Sales

ICOs and Token Sales present a new territory from an information disclosure point of view.

In traditional public markets, you can go to Bloomberg, Yahoo!Finance, Google Finance and check a plethora of profile and performance data on companies. Or you can get more in-depth company information by paying for services like FactSet, Capital IQ or Thomson Reuters. In the startup world, Crunchbase or Mattermark (I’m an investor) have that segment covered.

In the ICO/Blockchain world, a number of sites are covering ICOs from a research, promotional or token performance characteristics point of view (I enumerated most of them in a previous post, The Ultimate List of ICO Resources). However, there was no place where you can get a single holistic information view on these ICOs, had they been treated like public companies.

To help solve this gap, in the past few weeks, I’ve been working with my friend Bill Soitsmann on a project to develop such a database of ICO-related information, and pleased to open it today, in its beta stage.

About 200 companies are listed. For some of them, the data is complete, but for many others, it is not.

For each ICO, the data sections are:

  • Profile
  • Tokenonomics
  • Market
  • Docs
  • People
  • News

In the process of finding the data for these companies, it was painstakingly obvious that the information was literally all over the place. The information is there, but it is difficult to find.

The news section is particularly interesting if you like to follow this space. It is an aggregation of content from 250 sources. In addition to the main news on the home page, each ICO has its own news feed.

This isn’t an SEC/Edgar type of service, but it would be great if ICO companies would disclose this type of information clearly when they are communicating their token sale event and evolution. Regardless, you’ll be able to check Token Filings and get a picture.

Imagine the comparative data power we will have, once this data is complete.

If you are from an ICO that is not listed, or not completed, please email me ( or use the contact info in the footer, and we will send you a link to an entry form that you can update.

I’m also looking for help, if you are research oriented student and want to learn about his burgeoning field. Please contact me.

Help me making this resource a useful one for our ecosystem. I’d love to get most of these companies’ profiles completed in the next 3 weeks, despite the summer doldrums.

(Original post appeared on Startup Management)

How to fall in love with a Token

A 7-step guide by Christina Frankopan

This article was originally published in the print editon of Fractal’s ‘Around the Block’ magazine in 2018. The free digital edition of the magazine is available here

Stendhal’s book ‘De l’amour’ (On Love) published in 1822 was an attempt to study the operations of love dispassionately and objectively. He envisaged falling in love as a transition between 7 stages of state, leading to an ultimate “crystallization”.

Stendahl’s De l’amour

Stendhal illustrated the crystallization of love in a visual analogy, where the city of Bologna signifies indifference and Rome stands for perfect love. The traveler begins in Bologna, indifferent, then moves through the stages of crystallization and arrives in Rome in love. As a long-term investor, this is the journey I want to be taken on by you and your token offering.

Generally, I’m in Bologna. I’m indifferent. Most token offerings which pass my desk are badly designed and are facile fund-raising toys which don’t need a token, or an ICO. But the journey to Rome can and does happen for me, where the quality signals of your token project pass these 7 stages.

So here is my light-hearted mapping of Stendhal’s stages of falling in love, applied to a long term investor and the potential object of her affection, a token. [Note: Just to be clear, mostly when I say ‘you’ below, I mean you as a token, not you as a human…]

1. Admiration (TEAM)

It’s a banality of VC shpiel to say it’s all about the team. But it kind of is. I admire your team from the start and their determination to stay the course. I recognise the depth and experience of their technical talent. I research teams, take references and try to spend a lot of time getting to know them. I want to see this as a long term partnership and know that they will also trust me to support the project — not only when you’re worth $1.5bn and your team is stressed about opsec, but also when times get tight in crypto autumn.

2. Acknowledgement (PRODUCT)

You exist and you are credible. The platinum standard is to demonstrate that your token mechanics and product design meet Mike Goldin’s Cryptosystems Manifesto of necessary and sufficient criteria for existing. If you succeed in this, you have a chance to actually capture network value, which most tokens are not well designed to do. You may or may not have plans to do an ICO in due course, but if you do, I want to see that your team has put some original thought into a balanced public auction design, you’ve perhaps explored ethical approaches, fair distribution, sensible liquidity of circulating supply, considered and learnt from past ICO examples, combined with a view to future funding needs.

3. Hope (IMPACT)

I need to see the vision and zeal of your mission, and that you are addressing a meaningful market that has potential to have impact. “Meaningful” to me does not just mean “large” (although that will probably excite me). Personally, “meaningful” means a project that potentially impacts the way we societally organise and transactionally engage. For me, if the token project has tangible, potential impact and is well designed, in the long-term it is by definition valuable.

4. Delight (COMMUNITY)

Hopefully, it’s not just me falling in love. I need to know that others have fallen in love with you too. This is not (just) about size of community. That can be a hollow metric, and we’ve seen many scam projects spin up telegram groups of 15,000 in 3 days. No. I want to see authentic signs of sustained community engagement and germs of genuine delight in what you are building. Even if you have not yet attained a product-market-fit, the objective once that is achieved should be for your token system to become a self-sustaining network that can and should eventually survive the absence of your team. This can only happen with an active community to sustain and maintain the project.

5. First Crystallization (INVESTMENT COMMITTEE)

I’m convinced it’s the real thing. I need to confirm this with trusted colleagues to know I’ve not lost the plot. I will share with them all the information I’ve gathered and adventures we’ve shared in stages 1–4, with as many data points as possible to validate my affection. We will consider various approaches to valuation (although I personally feel this is still an immature art) and whether you are raising the right amount. Too much can seem (and be) greedy and can create disincentives for discipline.


Is this too good to be true? Let me check. There will be quite a lot of legal due diligence, and review of your SAFE / SAFTE if you have one. I need to confirm whether you are compliant (KYC, AML, security/no security token etc). I will take technical views on your codebase, development architecture and roadmap.

7. Second Crystallization (PARTICIPATE & #HODL)

It’s true love. I’m invested. We’re going to be together forever, perhaps I’ll be staking and running nodes, until the network doth us part.

Such a romantic view of token investing in crypto winter! But designing a good token that is actually needed, is really just a puzzle. Solve the puzzle, and then, just perhaps, all roads will lead to eternal bliss and crypto nirvana in Rome. Perhaps 😉

Disclosures: With credit to Jack du Rose for his ideas in the fireside chat at ETHBerlin “To Token or not to Token”. Opinions expressed are Christina’s own and any omissions, exaggerations and howlers entirely her own fault.

Further postponement of PCHAIN team’s unlock-up plan

1. The community have known that PCHAIN has already postponed their team token unlock-up plan once — from testnet 1.0 on September 2018 to mainnet launch on March 2019.

2. By showing our confidence about PCHAIN’s tech innovation and long-term development, protecting and attracting the healthier ecosystem and community service, PCHAIN committee has decided to POSTPONE the team’s token unlock-up plan once again! Team token will start to be unlocked from June 2019 onwards, and team token distribution will be completed linearly within 3 YEARS (instead of the originally planned 2 years) by quarters.

3. For full transparency and to create trust, the community are welcome to monitor our wallet address at 0x096293c7fa66fc264c5feecfd4d343063f314992.


PCHAIN is the world’s first native multi-chain system supporting EVM, with original PDBFT algorithm, unified knowledge graph and smart data Oracle mechanism. PCHAIN is committed to support non-native Token smart contract calls and solve problems like improving blockchain performance, smart contracts loop not closed, too dependent on external data. It will make large-scale industrial applications of blockchain smart contracts possible.

Some References

  1. How to become a PCHAIN Validator node?

2. The System Requirements of Validator

3. The Dynamic Join-and-Exit Mechanism of the PCHAIN Validator

4. PI Token Swap

5. PCHAIN Innovative Technology :PDBFT Consensus Algorithm

6. PCHAIN Innovative Technology :PDBFT 2.0 Consensus Algorithm

— — — — — — — — — THE END — — — — — — — — —

You can follow PCHAIN below

Telegram 1, Telegram(Chinese Community)
Telegram(Russian Community), Telegram(Spanish Community)
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Telegram (Vietnam Community), Telegram Announcement Channel
Twitter, Steemit, Reddit Founder/CEO’s Twitter